INFORMS DAS Webinar: Decision Analysis for Diversity Equity and Inclusion

The values of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion play a central role in academia and in society broadly. In December 2021, the Decision Analysis Society of INFORMS formed a permanent Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee. The DEI Committee will champion the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion values through explorations on: 1) how to actively promote initiatives that afford an equal playing field for people from historically marginalized groups? 2) how to enhance cultural competence for DEI values to ensure equitable access to society opportunities? We invite all INFORMS community to join us to learn from internationally renowned experts Catherine De Vries, Professor of Political Science at Bocconi University, Anahita Khojandi (University of Tennessee) and Susan Martonosi (Harvey Mudd College). INFORMS DEI Representatives and DAS-DEI committee members Allison Reilly (University of Maryland), Andrea Hupman (University of Missouri), Gül Okudan Kremer (Iowa State University), and Jun Zhuang (University of New York) will also partake as panelists in the session illustrating DEI values, and the INFORMS viewpoint and the first initiatives of the DAS.